CP2 Cable Protector

CP2 Cable Protector

CP2 Cable Protector Images

CP2 Cable Protector

Fits 1-2 Power Cables

This cable protector is ideal for internal applications such as offices, boardrooms and computer rooms.

Will comfortably protect a network data cable, phone cable and standard 240V power cable (one of each).

Quick Facts:

  • Tough extruded rubber design
  • Fits the equivalent of 2 power cables
  • With one useable channel this is the smallest cable protector
  • Available with or without hazard tape
  • Ideal for temporary and permanent applications
  • Non-slip cleats on base and ramp faces
  • Cables easily inserted in seconds via slots underneath.
  • Available cut to length (minimum order 2 metres)
  • Discounted for 10 metre rolls.

Option: Highlight the cable cover with our 50mm wide, black & yellow striped, anti-slip tape.

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