Large Ultra Sidewinder Cable Protector

Large Ultra Sidewinder™ Cable Protector

Large Ultra Sidewinder Cable Protector

Large Ultra Sidewinder Cable Protector


  • upto 32 Power Cables; or
  • 8 Air Hoses (19mm); or
  • 3 Garden Hoses (16mm); or
  • Multiple large industrial cables

The Ultra-Sidewinder Cable Protection System™ is an innovative new solution for protecting cables run across a floor. The new design articulates left and right—allowing the system to turn corners and adapt to the layout of the room, while maintaining full protection for the cables and trip protection for pedestrians. Cables can be left in the system for the ultimate in portability, or left in place indefinitely. There is no longer a compromise between safety and flexibility.

Articulating pieces offer flexible design - curves, corners and s-curves are easily made while maintaining a completely flat profile.

Quick Facts:

  • Modular design makes it easy to reconfigure, repair, and replace targeted segments, even while the cable remains connected.
  • Simple "snap in" assembly - no tools or cutting required.
  • Fully customizable length.
  • Highly visible black & yellow safety colours for visual warning.
  • Sold in 860mm lengths which include end caps. Without the end caps the length is 750mm.
  • Width 346mm x Height 54mm
  • Channel dimensions Width 76mm x Height 38mm
  • Weight 6 kg

Manufacturers Loading Capacity:
Load Capacity: 260 lbs/square inch (18.3kg/square cm)
Load Capacity per axle: 13,500lbs (6,123kg)Constructed from super strong ABS plastic which can be driven over.

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